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Turn your head with Deep Waves!

Straight hair can be a little limiting at times. Boring, and everywhere boring. However, wearing Deep Waves hair extensions can give a different texture and versatility.

A stitched Deep Waves could cure the boredom of your style. Read on to discover ten ways to style your Deep Waves hair extensions with today’s most modern hairstyles.

Before you try these styles, you need to make sure you have a deep wave texture. My favorite type is the Brazilian deep wave type.

Choose your favorite deep wave style

Deep wave hair has become increasingly popular in recent years. When I was a teenager and used weave, deep wave hair wasn’t that popular.

Most people wanted Remy’s straight hair because they thought it was easier to fix and manage. Many people thought that deep wave hair couldn’t be styled without ruining the exquisite curls than with a natural style.

Fortunately, things have changed. The important thing to remember when choosing deep wave hair is that it has to be human hair to be styled. If you have wavy synthetic hair, you will not be able to style it, and you will have to maintain your natural style.

However, if you want to style your hair the way you want, then buying human hair is your best option. As I said before, my favorite deep wave hair style is Brazilian, but there are many styles to choose from.

Before you complete your look, you should make sure you choose one style. We have created 10 different deep wave styles to try.

To get started, take a look at our extension options under Babylon Hair Do. After you’ve done that, take a look at this list and see which style you like best. Of course, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when choosing your next style.

All these styles show the versatility of deep wave hair and all the different ways to use it.

Deep wave hair

#1 A curly bun

If it’s simple and you need a professional style for your day at the office, try a curly bun: medium-low heightbun: create a clean part on your sheet and gather all the hair at the back of the neck and pull out the hair so that the base of the hair is smooth and then twist the length of the hair. Then, wrap the hair in a circular motion and secure it with a tie.

Add a little personality to the style by dissecting the front of the hair and letting the tendrils fall in front of the face. You can also add several hairpins to the sides of the chignon for decoration. Place the pins in all directions in a focus area; the pins will draw attention to the front of your style.

High bun #2

High Flakes: Brush all the hair backwards and collect all the curls in the top of the head. Fix the hair on the head by pulling the hair in the middle of the ponytail. Add a silk scarf printed around the hair to add a couture element to the structured chignon.

#3 Half up, half down

For a style that offers a complete view of the face and still shows the length of the deep-wave tissue, try brushing the front of the hair backwards and separating the upper half from the lower half. Fix the upper half into a bun and let the lower half slide.

Add an extra element to this style by brushing the opposite sides of the extremely flat ponytail and add an extra stretch to the top centre – this styling technique will create a hunchback effect! (Think Snookie on the edge of the mesh with less hump height).

#4 Updo braiding

To give your deep waves an elegant look, you should pull all your hair back. First, separate the hair into three sections.

Then, braid your hair in deep waves from the back of your neck, leaving the top of your hair out and fasten it with a tie. Let the top half of your ponytail fall on your face like a wave. This style creates a cascading effect.

French braids #5

Tangle your hair in front of the French braid to ensure a clean canvas. Separate the hair in half in two sections. Starting with one section, separate the hair into three sections and, starting at the beginning of the hairline, braid the braid, adding the hair to the braid as you proceed.

Repeat this on the other section of your hair to create two French braids. Pull the loops of each braid to make them look thick and full.

#6 Crown Braid

Braided styles look great with wavy hair because they highlight the texture of the weave and add fullness to normally flat styles. Comb all your hair to surround your head like the cousin of the Adams family, the It character. Start at the back of your head and split your hair from the middle of your head to the back of your neck. Start braiding the hair from the back of the centre of your neck, following the perimeter of the hairline, adding hair as you go along. Continue braiding until you reach the beginning of the braid and hide the tail of the braid by pinning it on the protrusion. Add gold hair jewelry to your giant braid and pull the loose earrings at the sides of the braid to frame the face.

#7 Curly ponytail with a deep wave hair extension

Create a wavy ponytail by brushing all the hair back and separating a small piece of the hair mass. Pull the rest of the wavy hair into a tall ponytail. Take the small remaining section of the ponytail and braid it. Then wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail to hide the clip.

#8 Twisted Updo

Divide the hair into six sections. Take each section of hair and two locks of hair and braid the section. Then, twist the section and pin it and hold all the sections in a ponytail.

#9 Braided donation

Brush all your hair at an angle. If you want a ponytail on the left side of your head, start braiding the hair on the top right side of your head diagonally. Once on the back of the head, arrange the waves in a messy ponytail and pull some curls out of the ponytail.

#10 Two buns

Divide the hair into two sections. Pull the first section at a 90-degree angle to the top of your head and straighten your hair by brushing it out. Then, wrap the hair around your hand in a circular motion creating a bun and secure it with a hair clip. Repeat this step with the second section to create two bun with the top knot fashionable.

Follow your personal style

How many different ways have you styled your Brazilian deep wave hair from Babylon Hair Do? Our deep wave hair is amazing, versatile and soft! The hair we provide is great for replicating any of these looks. Before you choose, think of some ideas that can help you be unique.

I love adding hair accessories to my Deep Wave style. That way I can keep my personal style and not get lost in other people’s sauce. A friend of mine told me that they love to wear high ponytails using Deep Wave extensions. Then, to maintain their personal style, they wear colored ponytails to show their love for the 70’s and all their color combinations.

My sister likes to make a single braid out of her deep wave hair and clip it on at the ends. Also, when you think about these accessories, you should also think about your own clothing style. When I think of deep waves, I think of warm weather. For example, if you go on vacation, you should think about how to achieve this style.

Do you live in a place where it’s always hot? Deep wave hair is the style for you! The installation process is also essential for the styles you choose. If you decide to wear a cleavage, you should make sure that your hair is the same style.

If your hair doesn’t have the same texture, then you should think about getting a wig, or a full zippered installation.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair in deep waves? Leave a comment below describing your favorite style so you can add it to the list!


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